Greetings All!

As stated in the heading, November is here. This is the month that starts off what is known as the “Holiday Season”. Families gather together to feast, laugh, reminisce, and share new blessings. During this time of the month, Nwankpa Enterprises wants to focus on various things that we are thankful for.

Our Recommended Ads page will still contain some of the past items; however, specific items pertaining to ‘family time’ will also be added. Our General Ads page will receive a complete overhaul, with all new items. The Consumer Product Review page will be updated as reviews come in.

As I’ve stated previously, Nwankpa Enterprises sells thousands of items. If you, or someone you know is seeking to purchase specific items, just let us know. I’m sure that we have it in stock. Our webpage is customer driven, so we only know what our customers want to see on our pages if you-the customer-informs us.

Everyone, have a Happy Thanksgiving, and a Merry Christmas!


  1. Thanks for the Veteran’s Day shout out! We appreciate it….

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